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2016 Goodguys Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona

2016 Goodguys Southwest Nationals

2016 Goodguys Southwest Nationals Finale …

During the 2016 Goodguys Southwest Nationals this afternoon, a young Gilbert, Arizona couple had the thrill of their lives. Their ticket number was announced identifying them as the winner of the 2017 Goodguys Giveaway Car, a 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie Custom built for Pro Touring. Leila Crupi could not stop screaming for joy as her husband Chris signed the acceptance form from Goodguys. Chris told us he has been a Ford Galaxie collector for years. The award could not have gone to a more fitting couple.

As the 19th Annual 2016 Goodguys Southwest Nationals came to a close this afternoon, Goodguys’ Grand Finale was in all measures one of the best major events in Goodguys’ history. The final Goodguys event for the 2016 car show season was held here in Scottsdale, Arizona, November 18-20, 2016. It is fair to call it “the biggest and the best” Goodguys show of the year. This is the show where all of the award winners for the past year are invited to soak up a little Arizona sunshine. Click the video window to see a snippet of the action:

As always, Cars On Line is here to cover all the exclusive action. You can view our photos and videos on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Below,  see the 2016 Top 12 Cars and Trucks of the Year. They are sponsored by Meguiars.

Over 3,000 rods, customs, classics, muscle cars and trucks, 1972 and older, were registered to display on the show grounds at Westworld in Scottsdale (on the outskirts of Phoenix.) Here is a look at some of the cars in contention for the Southwest Nationals this weekend. See a video of the awards ceremony on our Facebook page.


Duel in the Desert at 2016 Goodguys Southwest Nationals …

Danny Popp of Cincinnati, Ohio won the Duel in the Desert today at the 19th Annual 2016 Goodguys Southwest Nationals. For most of the afternoon, Scott Fraser’s aluminum bodied 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra was turning in times a full second faster than Popp and his other competitors. But on the final run with Popp and Fraser competing for first place, Popp ran a 63.859 while Fraser ran a 63.9. It was that close. Popp wins a $3,000 cash prize.

Here is a video of the final round of the Goodguys Autocross Shootout during the 2016 Goodguys Southwest Nationals. It’s called the Duel in the Desert, and today it surely was:

All the top Autocross winners for the 2016 Goodguys Car Show season were invited to be here today. These cars have all won major Autocross events during the year. They were here today to win the biggest cash award of the year. But it wasn’t about the money. It was an intense competition to gain the title of Autocross Champion of the Year.  Here are some to the top cars in the Goodguys Shoutout here in Scottsdale on Saturday:

Of the top Pro Class drivers from previous Goodguys events this year, all the winners were invited to the big “shootout” wild west style.  Former winner Danny Popp, Detroit Speed’s Ryan Matthews and Scott Fraser, whom you met last week in Pleasanton, were all here to compete. Two-time Indy winner Al Unser, Jr ran his 1970 Camaro in the Autocross as well. This one was worth watching.

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association is one of the premier car show promotions companies in the U.S. Their 2016 Goodguys Southwest Nationals is the final show of the 2016 car show season. It is an event every Goodguys member wants to attend because you can’t turn around here without bumping into another 2016 winning show car. But don’t worry, if you can’t make it to the show in person, you can follow all the action here on this page.



Goodguys 27th Autumn Get-Together To Be Held in Pleasanton, CA

2016 Goodguys Autumn Get-Together

Fast Rides and Good Times at the
Goodguys 27th Autumn Get-Together …

California Thunder came to the Winners Circle at the Goodguys 27th Autumn Get-Together this afternoon. The rumbling of hot rods and customs could be heard throughout Alameda County Fairgrounds as they rolled to the Winners Circle for their trophies.  This is the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association’s last California event of the year, running November 12-13, 2016.  Click the video window to view award winners:

Cars On is here covering  all the action live on the Left Coast. You’ve seen some spectacular photos and videos on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages so far. Registered show car owners got dash plaques for displaying their collector and specialty vehicles in these special areas: Trick Truck Corral, Vettes For Vets, 4X4 Jamboree, Homebuilt Heaven and the YoungGuys display. Here are some of the cars you’ve seen in our posts so far.

Later the Nitro Thunderfest Dragster Exhibition drew a huge crowd. It’s loud.

As always the Giant Swap Meet area at the Autumn Get-Together is the place to uncover all those hard-to-find parts. And the Cars 4 Sale Corral had cars of interest for collectors to buy.

Special indoor displays during the Goodguys 27th Autumn Get-Together will include: Building A- Truck Display, Building C- Low Riders hosted by Deadend Magazine, Building Q – D ’Elegance Display hosted by the Blackhawk Museum.

Award winning cars and trucks will be honored in the Winner’s Circle on Sunday. We’ll be on hand to bring you the winners and interviews with their owners. If you can’t make it to the show you ‘ll see all the top cars here on this page. Don’t forget to bookmark it to follow our coverage starting on Saturday, November 12, 2016.


Popular Autocross Competition at Goodguys …

We met Bruce Cambern in the Autocross pits at the Goodguys 27th Autumn Get-Together here today. You won’t believe what he runs on the autocross course. Cambern is the only original owner of a 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra who still has his car. And you want to know what he does with it? Yup! He runs it in the Goodguys Autocross competition — a real deal original Shelby Cobra CSX 3170. You’ve gotta see these photos.

Scott Fraser drives the Cobra for Cambern. Today he turned a 58-second time. He is the current leader in the Pro Class here at the Goodguys 27th Autumn Get-Together. Here is what it looks like to do the course in 58 seconds.

Finalists in the Goodguys Autocross competition will meet in Scottsdale, Arizona next week to vie for the Goodguys Autocross Champion award in the Pro Class.  Stay tuned to the Cars On Line ClassiCarNews page to find out more.

2016 Goodguys Southeastern Nationals in Charlotte, NC

2016 Goodguys Southeastern Nationals

Check one off the bucket list. Collector cars cruising the Charlotte Motor Speedway Under the Lights. (Photo by Bob Boberg of

Fast Rides and Good Times at the
2016 Goodguys Southeastern Nationals …

The 2016 Goodguys Southeastern Nationals in Charlotte, North Carolina was a good example of how the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association has mastered the art of putting on great car shows. The popular Goodguys Autocross competition was very competitive. The Autocross competition is now one of the most popular events at this year’s Goodguys events. We talked to Ryan Mathews, the driver for the Detroit Speed team. The interview was before the Goodguys Award ceremony at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. There it was announced that he had won the Autocross Pro Class.

The 2016 Goodguys Southeastern Nationals held their awards ceremony in the Winners Circle at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Many of the award winners we saw here today will be finalists for the Goodguys top awards at Phoenix next month. See them in the slider below:

People come from all over the Carolinas and surrounding states to get their fill of nostalgia and good times. In fact, many of our newsletter readers who harkened to the call to meet in Charlotte this weekend got a chance to mark one off their bucket list. Hundreds of show car owners and hobbyists were able to Cruise Under the Lights on the hallowed Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was a sight to see.

This Goodguys 23rd Annual Pennzoil Southeastern Nationals will be a memorable occasion for our readers. Over 2,500 cars registered for the Show & Shine all three days. The Goodguys Car Show, Swap Meet and Cars 4 Sale Corral are a huge draw for spectators and buyers during one of the nation’s premier car shows. (To get more information on how to register your car, or how to get tickets for the show click this link.) We were able to shoot photos of some of the Goodguys finalists for top awards here today. The awards will be announced later.

We hope our Cars On Line newsletter readers are enjoyed a weekend of hot rods and muscle cars with us as our Cars On Line car show team was on the scene in Charlotte to report live from the 2016 Goodguys Southeastern Nationals, October 21-23, 2016. Photo journalists Bob and Donna Boberg covered the event in real time with stories and photos. Also watch for their posts on the Cars On Line Facebook and Twitter pages. Here are some of the general photos they captured:

Here is more video of the Goodguys Autocross. We have heard that this event is a favorite of young families who attend Goodguys events:

If you enjoyed our coverage of the 2016 Goodguys Southeastern Nationals, you may want to make plans to attend the next Goodguys event in your area. Click this link to see the rest of the schedule of Goodguys events for 2016.




Goodguys 25th Heartland Nationals

Goodguys 25th Heartland Nationals

Cruisin’ the Iowa State Fairgounds was part of the show when the Goodguys 25th Heartland Nationals came to town in Des Moines this weekend. Sunday was the final day of the show.


Sunday at Goodguys 25th Heartland Nationals …

The weather held out to make it a great show as the Goodguys 25th Heartland Nationals closed out their final day at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on Sunday. It was great cruisin’ weather as everyone got in line to parade throughout the fairgrounds.

Cars On was here in Des Moines this weekend to cover all the action at this giant Goodguys event as they celebrated their “Silver Anniversary” for this show. It was big … with over 4,000 vehicles pre-1972 here on Saturday. The Iowa State Fairgrounds is so big you have to cruise the grounds just to see all the cars. Cars On Line readers were checking in on this page for the last three days to see all the top cars at the show. You can also catch our posts on Facebook and Twitter. We did several Periscope broadcasts on Twitter here at the show. You can replay them by clicking on the video window on our Twitter page.

On Sunday they awarded the:
Meguiars Magnificent Masterpiece Award
Goodguys 2016 Vintage Air CUSTOM ROD OF THE YEAR
Goodguys 2016 Griots Garage MUSCLE MACHINE OF THE YEAR
Goodguys 2016 Scotts Hot Rods TRUCK OF THE YEAR – EARLY (through ‘52)
Goodguys 2016 LMC Truck Parts TRUCK OF THE YEAR – LATE (’53 through ‘72)
Here are the winners:


The winners of the Builders Choice Awards were in a special display on Saturday and Sunday north of the VI building. See the winners here in a slide show:


Five regional winners will be picked at the Goodguys 25th Heartland Nationals to compete in the Goodguys Top 12 competitions at the end of the year. Regional winners here at Des Moines will have a chance to compete for the Top 12 in Scottsdale, Arizona during the 19th Annual Southwest Nationals, Nov 18-20, 2016. However the winners will not be announced until October, 2016. Cars On will show you all of the top cars in the running from Des Moines this weekend.

Here is a slider to show you some of the show quality cars and trucks we’ve seen so far:


Of course, there are always some great cars that just show up in Des Moines. Just for “braggin’ rights” here are some of the cars we spotted in Des Moines that deserve mention:

The most popular event at the Goodguys shows this year has been the Goodguys Autocross sponsored by Optima Batteries. It will be called the “Duel in Des Moines” as mid-westerners get a chance to shake out the cob webs and go fast on a fairly difficult autocross course. Celebrity drivers such as Al Unser, Jr and Bobby Unser even took the course laying down some fast times.

The first 5,000 spectators through the turnstiles on Saturday were given American flags to celebrate the 4th of July, and our nation’s independence.

Watch for our broadcasts on Twitter. Here is a live streamed interview with one of the Builders Choice Award winners:


And if you think this was a big show, wait till you see where we’ll be next week when Goodguys holds their biggest show of the year at the Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus. Click the link for a preview of the show.



Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals in Ft Worth, Texas

Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals

Registered car show participants at the Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals will be eligible to cruise the famous Texas Motor Speedway.

Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals in Texas …

We finally had some great weather for a car show here in Ft Worth, Texas on Sunday. That really brought out the crowds to see  the Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals.

Over 2,000 rods, customs, classics, muscle cars and trucks produced through 1972 were on hand for the Goodguys show.  Registered car owners had a chance to compete on the Goodguys Autocross course, plus parade their cars on the Texas Motor Speedway track on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. One of the outstanding features of this show for spectators is the Nitro Thunderfest Dragster exhibit. Texas Area Classic Chevy’s will be the honorary club for the show. Of course, show goers will be impressed with the giant swap meet area where you can see parts from private vendors as well as displays from the major national distributors, plus buyers will be treated to one of the best Cars4Sale corrals in the state.

Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals

A 1956 Chevy 150 Handyman Wagon owned by Greg and Julie Cochran won the Way Cool Wagon award here at the Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals.

Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals

Joe Pigford’s 1932 Ford Resto Rod has taken one of the Builder’s Choice awards here at the Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals.


1969 Pontiac GTO at Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals

Steven B’s 1969 Pontiac GTO has been named as a finalist in the Goodguys Muscle Car of the Year competition. It is an MSD sponsored car. Award winner will be announced on Sunday.

The weekend started rainy and overcast on Friday at the Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals  in Ft Worth, Texas. But that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of show goers. Texas rodders have been anxiously awaiting the 6th Annual Goodguys Spring Lonestar Nationals, March 11-13, 2016, because it means the show car season is underway.

On Sunday during the awards ceremony the 2016 Goodguys Muscle Car of the Year award will be selected. Watch for the announcement on the Cars On Line Twitter page that afternoon.

Here’s a video Goodguys has sent us as one of their event promos:

Below is a list of Goodguys events for 2016. Watch for the ones in your area.
Goodguys 2016 Events Schedule