Snake And the Mongoose

Snake And the Mongoose

Don “Snake” Prudhomme’s original Mattel Hot Wheels 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car made famous by the release of a Hollywood movie “Snake And the Mongoose” about the legendary match races during the early 1970s between Prudhomme and Tom “Mongoose” McEwen. This yellow 1970 Barracuda Hot Wheels “Snake I” Funny Car is the only one remaining from the original two Funny Cars ever produced. The Hot Wheels ‘Cuda was an integral part of Mattel’s legendary Hot Wheels “Snake vs. Mongoose” promotion, which saw Prudhomme and Tom McEwen square off in match races across the country. All will be sold as a set at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction on Saturday. (Photo by Bob Boberg of

Top Sale at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — One may argue that the real stars of the movie Snake And the Mongoose are the Mopar drag cars and Dodge Ramp trucks that appear so prominently in the film. As the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction is underway here in Scottsdale, Arizona this week, a bevy of celebrity cars and famous race cars are on display for the big weekend sale. The vehicles from the 2013 movie Snake And the Mongoose are one of the most popular displays in the new 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction Salon Collection building. Above you see the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car driven by Don “Snake” Prudhomme on display with Tom “Mongoose” McEwen’s Plymouth Duster Funny Car and the 1967 Dodge D-700 ramp trucks they used to haul their race cars across the country during the legendary Mattel sponsored match races which were the subject of the movie. (Click here to read the article we wrote when we were at the premier of the Snake And the Mongoose movie last summer.)

Snake And the Mongoose

Included in the sale are the original frame-off and fully restored 1967 Dodge D-700 Ramp Trucks which hauled both Funny Cars during the 1970s match racing era. All of the vehicles in the display were used in the movie. All except the Mongoose’s Plymouth Duster are original vehicles used by Prudhomme and McEwen.


Snake And the Mongoose

Tom “Mongoose” McEwen’s 1967 Dodge D-700 Ramp truck with Plymouth Duster drage car on the back.

The 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction will have a new look this year as nearly everything about the show has changed. They have a new auction stadium compliments of the city of Scottsdale, and the grounds is set up very differently this year. You will also note that FOX Sports has bought out the SPEED Channel so the schedule for watching the Barrett-Jackson on TV is very different this year. See the schedule at the bottom of this page.

Stick with Cars On Line as we will be bringing you photos and stories from this year’s 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction. On Saturday during “prime time” here we will be carrying on a conversation with our readers about the show on our Cars On Line Facebook page.

As a preview here are some of the “prime time” vehicles you’ll see going through the auction next Saturday. All are from the 5000 Series of special cars to be auctioned off during the late afternoon and early evening broadcast of the auction on the National Geographic Channel. (For a full schedule of TV coverage see the chart at the bottom of this page.)

1968 Plymouth Barracuda Sox & Martin Race Car

The 1968 Sox & Martin Plymouth Hemi Barracuda factory race car which Ronnie Sox actually drove will be auctioned off next Saturday. This was a true factory Lightweight Super Stock Cuda. It will be Lot # 5017 during next Saturday’s 5000 Series of cars to be auctioned off at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction.


1931 Marmon Hot Rod

A sweet old school style 1931 Marmon Hot Rod will be Lot # 5016 on Saturday. This incredible custom build has a V16 engine. They say it was built with original Marmon parts wherever possible. From the pictures, this one could compete at the Grand National Roadster Show or even the Ridler Award.

Click here to see more of the Prime Time vehicles to be auctioned off on Saturday between 5 PM and 7 PM Mountain Time.

Click the video window here to see some of the Salon Collection sales on Saturday evening in 2012:

This year for the first time the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auction will be televised over the FOX network of cable channels. FOX bought SPEED Channel and now offers the Barrett-Jackson Auction to a wider variety of viewers. See the schedule of FOX network channels below.

Barrett-Jackson Auction on TV:

Date Channel Time
Tues, Jan 14 FOX Sports 2 5-7 pm
  FOX Business 7-9 pm
Wed, Jan 15 FOX Sports 2 5-7 pm
  FOX Business 7-9 pm
Thurs, Jan 16 FOX Sports 2 5-7 pm
  FOX Business 7-9 pm
Fri, Jan 17 FOX Sports 1 12-7 pm
  FOX Business 7-10 pm
Sat, Jan 18 FOX Broadcast 1-3 pm
  National Geographic Channel 3-10 pm
Sun, Jan 19 FOX Sports 2 12-3 pm
  FOX Sports 1 3-5 pm

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