2017 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award Tribute

Ridler Award Winner at 2017 Detroit Autorama

Buddy Jordan here at the 2017 Detroit Autorama fresh from the awards ceremony where his 1933 Ford Renaissance Roadster won America’s most coveted trophy, the Ridler Award.


2017 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award

DETROIT, MI, February 26 — Buddy Jordan was bubbling with enthusiasm here at the 2017 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award ceremony as his 1933 Ford Renaissance Roadster won the most coveted award in the custom car hobby. The automotive media is swarming Buddy and his Ridler Award winning Renaissance Roadster to get the first photos.

Nancy & Buddy Jordan’s 1933 Ford Renaissance Roadster is a beautifully hand fabricated street rod. Designed by Chris Ito and Steve Frisbie, the build was done by Steve’s Auto Restorations of Portland, Oregon.  Follow this link to find out all about the custom mods and see more photos.

The Autorama is in its 65th year, and is one of the most talked about custom car events in the world. Some of the best custom car builders are here in downtown Detroit this weekend to compete for the Ridler Award.

The Michigan Hot Rod Association narrowed the field of Ridler Award contenders to eight on Friday. Countless hours have been put into the Great 8 vehicles by some of the industry’s best builders. Winner or not, all of these cars are an accomplishment deserving of their place here at the 2017 Detroit Autorama.


1954 Custom Corvette

Larry & Robbie Griffey’s 1954 Corvette GM Concept Tribute built by Larry Griffey’s Hot Rods & Restorations in Knoxville, TN. Read all about it and view more photos here.


1941 Ford Pickup

Ed Sears’ 1941 Ford Pickup “The Gold Standard” made the cut for the Great 8. Click here to see more photos and info.


1932 Ford Sedan

George Poteet’s GTP 1932 Ford Tudor was built by Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop in Gadsden, Alabama. Find out more by clicking thru to more photos and info.


1929 Ford

The Phoenix Phantom 1929 Ford Pickup took Dennis Portka 24 years to build. Now it is contending for the Ridler Award. Find out more by following this link to more photos and info.


1949 C-10 Pickup

Robby Collvins’ 1949 C-10 Pickup from Mt Vernon, Texas has all the elements of a Ridler Award winner. Click here to see more photos and a video interview.


1930 Ford Coupe

Ted Hubbard’s 1930 Ford Coupe built by CAL  Autumotive Creations. Old school is still cool. See more photos at this link.


1966 Corvette

Dennis Johnson & Scott Roth’s 1966 Corvette Split Ray is a true fan favorite. Find out more when you follow this link to its photo page.


The 2017 Detroit Autorama is where custom car builders come to display their work and contend for the most sought-after trophy of them all: the Ridler Award. But the Ridler Award is only one aspect of the 2017 Detroit Autorama. Over 1,000 cars were on display at the Cobo Center in downtown Detroit during this year’s event. Here are some of the cars we saw here:

Cars On Line.com was onhand this weekend to cover all the action live for our readers. The Detroit Autorama is honoring its 65th Anniversary by celebrating the past. Among the show cars are some past Ridler Award winners. See the stunners from shows past in the slide show below:

The Detroit Autorama has been running annually for 65 years and is the feature event of the Michigan Hot Rod Association. Sponsors for this year’s event include Meguiars and O’Reilly’s Auto Parts.

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