1954 Corvette GM Concept Tribute Competes For the 2017 Ridler Award

1954 Corvette GM Concept Tribute

No surprise, a 1954 Corvette GM Concept Tribute car was picked to be a contender for the 2017 Ridler Award here at the 2017 Detroit Autorama yesterday. It was picked as one of the Great 8 award cars in the competition. The car is a completely refabricated custom tribute to the GM Concept Corvette promoted in the 1954 GM Motorama shows. Larry and Robbie Griffey are the owners from Powell, Tennessee. It was built by Larry Griffey’s Hot Rods & Restorations in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Beginning with a 1954 Corvette Roadster body, Larry Griffey and Chuck Powell did the original body and chassis modifications to create this custom design. They included a removable hardtop and roll-up windows just as GM had done in the 1954 concept car. These features were not actually available on a Corvette until 1956. The build also includes modern day technology, a lower hot rod stance and improved performance and handling. Its features will remind you of the actual Motorama concept car.

Some of the many body modifications to the 1954 Corvette GM Concept Tribute include: a tapered body drop with 2 1/2″ at the front, 1 1/2″ at the A pillar and 1″ at the rear. The body was widened 3″ in the rear and tapered to 1 3/4″ inch wider in the front. The cowl vent was removed and re-contoured to accept a 1956 Corvette windshield. The rear hatch was modified so as to accept a 1956 Corvette removable hardtop. Passenger compartment was reconfigured in real steel to make it safer. All fuel lines, brake lines and cables are hidden. A custom hood scoop was used to accomodate the supercharger. Remote latches were installed, and the doors were split and widened with steel structure to accomodate power windows.

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