2017 Auburn Spring Auction

1941 Packard One-Eighty Convertible by Darrin at 2017 Auburn Spring Auction

The 1941 Packard One-Eighty Convertible Victoria by Darrin was the top sale here at the 2017 Auburn Spring Auction on Saturday. The hammer went down at $330,000 (although the official price you will read in the paper will be $363,000 which includes the sales commission.) The winner was a phone-in bidder. Great buy! (Photos by Bob Boberg of eClassicAutos.com.)


2017 Auburn Spring Auction Saturday Sale …

Prime Time Saturday at the 2017 Auburn Spring Auction saw the biggest crowd of bidders vying for the top selections to cross the auction stage here in Auburn, Indiana today. About midway through the afternoon the promo car for the show, a 1941 Packard One-Eighty Convertible Victoria designed by Dutch Darrin took the stage. It looked so elegant and spectacular in its auction stance that jaws dropped. It was no surprise when the bidding drove the price up to the reserve at $270,000. The phones lit up and the winning bidder was indeed a phone bidder. The hammer dropped at $330,000. It was the top sale of the day.

1941 Packard One-Eighty Convertible Victoria at 2017 Auburn Spring Auction

There was a lot to see here at the 2017 Auburn Spring Auction, including one of the best displays of vintage motorcars we’ve witnessed so far this year.  Before the auction this morning we took time to attend the AACA and CCCA Combined Car Show. The showfield was right here on the grounds of the Auctions America Auction Park. What a way to start the day.

Now on to the Auctions America Auction Park arena where the “Prime Time” cars take the stage. History was on display here today. Here is what happened on Saturday.

Cars-On-Line’s car show team will covering the 2017 Auburn Spring Auction by Auctions America this weekend. Starting Thursday, May 11, they brought you all the action from one of our favorite car shows. The 2017 Auburn Spring Auction is a fun weekend full of things collectors love, including a swap meet and car corral area on the huge Auctions America Auction Park grounds in Auburn, Indiana. But the main show was Auctions America’s noted sale of classic and collector cars inside the auction arena.

For a full list of cars and trucks auctioned off at the 2017 Auburn Spring Auction follow this link to the Auctions America website.

The big collector car sale was entering high gear today as the 2017 Auburn Spring Auction began selling top collector cars here. Auctions America had the atmosphere humming with the staccato of the auctioneers voice as they brought cars across the auction stage. Old iron looking brand new in many cases. It was a reawakening for the Baby Boomers who had come here to buy the cars of their youth.

Here are a few of the high profile sales from Friday at the 2017 Auburn Spring Auction:

On Thursday at the 2017 Auburn Spring Auction the Auctions America team was busy selling off an incredible collection of race cars and equipment from Level 5 Motorsports. The skinny at the show is that these vehicles and parts were part of an IRS auction liquidation. There are some really unique pieces here and they are going for sweet prices. Race teams all over the country should be watching the live steam from Auburn, Indiana today.

2017 Auburn Spring AuctionOur Cars On Line Car Show team is currently in Auburn to cover the show. Auburn was the headquarters of the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg motorcar companies.  So it is only fitting that this collector car auction is located on the outskirts of this legendary city. The Auctions America Auction Park includes a massive auction arena, auction displays, car show field, swap meet and car corral. On Saturday we covered all the auction action for our readers.  We hope you were able to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for our commentary.  The show starts at 10 AM EST each day. You can also bid online. Just follow this link to register with Auctions America to become a bidder at future auctions.

The next Auctions America event we will be covering is their Santa Monica Auction, June 24-26, 2017.  Auctions America will team up with RM-Sotheby’s to put on their best show ever. Watch for our previews in the Cars On Line newsletter later this month.




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