Carlisle Events Hosted First Hurst Nationals

1973 Hurst Oldsmobile at First Hurst Nationals

We are under the distinct impression that Carlisle Events  may have hosted the first Hurst Nationals this past weekend. While our Cars On Line Car Show Team was providing our readers with live coverage of the Carlisle 2017 Chrysler Nationals we visited a smaller display of Hurst vehicles on exhibit at the Carlisle Fairgrounds.

By luck, we happened to bump into Rich Truesdell, author and photo historian, at the exhibit. Rich teamed up with Mark Fletcher to write the book “Hurst Equipped.” It was written about the 50 years of Hurst involvement in automotive production and high performance. ¬†Truesdell also edits the Legendary American Motors Magazine. Because of his incredible knowledge of the cars in the exhibit we did a video interview with Rich. You may click the video interview below to discover interesting facts about Hurst’s involvement with various auto manufacturers.


Here is a review of the Hurst display. (Photos by Bob Boberg of

You would assume that there was a natural association between Mopars and Hurst since Hurst-Campbell built the 1968 Dodge Hemi Darts and 1968 Plymouth Hemi Cudas back in the day. But we think the real reason Carlisle Events had this exhibit is that they would like to host a Hurst Nationals as part of their summer schedule of auto events. We think they were testing the waters for bringing a new event to the Carlisle Fairgrounds in the future. Is it possible that we were seeing the First Hurst Nationals this weekend?

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