Reno’s Hot August Nights 2017

Hot August Nights 2017 downtown parade

Hot August Nights 2017 wraps up with the Sunday morning parade which lasts for hours. It is a fitting end to one of the truly great American car shows.


Reno’s Hot August Nights 2017
America’s Biggest Tribute to the Car Culture  …

SUNDAY, Reno, NV — Hot August Nights 2017 always puts on a great show on Sunday morning with a giant parade of collector cars through downtown Reno. The cars file two abreast down Virginia Street, and the spectacle lasts for hours. Every car that could make it here gets to be in the parade. The license plates are from every state west of the Mississippi River.

Beautiful show quality cars are on display along Virginia Street. The show stretches for about ten city blocks down the main drag. It is impressive. Hot August Nights 2017, August 8-13, is one of the top car shows in the U.S. with over 10,000 cars  congregated at the Reno area casinos and downtown show displays this weekend.  They anticipated several hundred thousand spectators for the six-day event. Our readers know that Hot August Nights is Cars On Line’s favorite car show.

Awards for the downtown show were given out. There were winners for each day of the show and an overall winner for the week. Here is a montage of photos showing the winners here at Hot August Nights 2017:

The Hot August Nights 2017 Cup Award went to the Mulholland Speedster, a 1936 Packard Model 1401C Roadster, owned by Bruce and Peggy Wanta of Bellevue, Washington. The epic roadster was custom crafted by Hollywood Hot Rods and had previously been named America’s Most Beautiful Roadster at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California. The incredible custom build featured a Disappearing Top (retractable hardtop.) With a check for $30,000 for first place, Hot August Nights 2017 offers the highest payout of any car show in the country. Over $100,000 in cash and prizes were paid to the Top Five finalists in the Hot August Nights Cup competition.

Here are the photos from the awards ceremony, including the Top Ten contenders for the Hot August Nights Cup Award:


Reno’s Hot August Nights 2017 is America’s biggest car show. In fact, it is more than a car show, it is a tribute to the car culture. People come from all over the world to see it. That’s because Reno has it all: nightly cruises, show and shines, a swap meet, collector cars for sale and drag racing in the desert. Recalling the days when cars were the culture here in the USA, cruisin’ and cars were the way we celebrated summer. Not to mention, Reno is an adult playground where every major casino has a car show on its grounds each day.

Cruisin’ at Hot August Nights 2017

Cars On Line will be bringing you all the action in photos and videos from Reno’s Hot August Nights 2017 this weekend. Starting on Friday you’ll see some of our posts here on this page, with updates in real time. Be sure to bookmark this page to enjoy Hot August Nights 2017 through our camera lens, just like you were here yourself. I’ll bet by the end of the weekend, you’ll have it on your bucket list.

Cruisin’ happens every night during the week-long show. Click the video window to see to see the action on Thursday evening:

There’s nothing like cruising at Hot August Nights under the famous Reno arch as thousands of people crowd along the streets to get a look at all the cars.

Friday Night Drags in Sparks

Remember Friday night drag races? Well, here in Sparks, Nevada they still remember the Friday night ritual. Nightly drag races are part of the show at Reno’s Hot August Nights 2017. Registered show participants can make passes at the track each night during the week-long car show. Here is what you’ve been missing:


Stay tuned to this page to see stories and photos from Hot August Nights 2017.

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