Auburn Spring Auction 2018 by RM Auctions

1966 Batmobile #5 sold at Auburn Spring Auction 2018

1966 Batmobile #5 sold for $165,000 at Auburn Spring Auction 2018 on Saturday. (Photo by Bob Boberg of


Auburn Spring Auction 2018 in Prime Time

The Auburn Spring Auction 2018 Saturday sale is in the books. History has been made. It will be one to remember. Some high end vintage collector cars and exotic sports cars were sold here today. And, once again, classic 1950’s collector cars stole the show. For our readers and those who were there in attendance it was a fun packed day emersed in the nostalgia of yesteryear. Our show team was on hand to bring you the play-by-play all afternoon. 

There were a number of surprises in the Auburn Spring Auction 2018 today. We look at prices to spot trends in the collector car market. The prices we saw here today have impact on what you will pay for collector cars going forward. Let’s take a look at what happened:

Cars-On-Line’s car show team covered the Auburn Spring Auction 2018 by RM Auctions this weekend. Bob Boberg of provided photos and videos to capture the atmosphere here at this historic event. Watch this video sneak peak of the lineup for the Prime Time Saturday sale. 

Our Facebook and Twitter followers watched with us using the RM Auctions “live stream” video feed on their cell phones. It became an auction watching party as we notified our social media followers of the top cars just before they crossed the auction block all afternoon. For a full list of cars and trucks auctioned off at the Auburn Spring Auction 2018 follow this link to the RM Auctions inventory for their Auburn sale. 

It all happened this weekend, May 11-12, 2018, at the giant Auburn Auction Park. A true nostalgic experience for Baby Boomers, the Auburn Spring Auction 2018 is one of the highlights of the early collector car show season for 2018. It’s all about old iron looking like brand new. 

The Auburn Spring Auction 2018 is a fun weekend full of things collectors love, including a swap meet and car corral area on the Auction Park grounds in Auburn, Indiana. This year the RM Auctions event will also play host once again to the Triple Crown Meet, put on by the Antique Automobile Club of America and the Nash Car Club of America. Although the rain put a damper on the AACA show Saturday afternoon, we got to see most of the cars this morning before the rain came.  Here is a review of the cars on display:

Auburn is the home of three of the major U.S. car companies pre-war, i.e. Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg. The three companies thrived under the leadership of E.L. Cord who built his art deco headquarters and automotive plants here in Auburn. But the main show is RM Auctions noted sale of classic and collector cars inside the auction arena. 

The auction starts at 10 AM Eastern Time each day. You could also bid online. Click here to view a beautiful online catalog of the vehicles which were on sale here. 

Our Cars On Line Car Show team traveled to Auburn to cover the show. Auburn was the headquarters of the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg motorcar companies.  So it is only fitting that this collector car auction is located on the outskirts of this legendary city. The RM Auctions Auction Park includes a massive auction arena, auction displays, car show field, swap meet and car corral all of which will be open on May 10, 2018. 

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