1965 Chevelle Custom Wins a Great 8 Award

1965 Chevelle Custom Hardtop was selected to the Great 8 at the 2019 Detroit Autorama

Did you ever want to tell a major auto manufacturer how they should build their cars? Well, Mike Goldman Customs out of Meridien, Mississippi did one better. They showed Chevrolet how they should have built their Chevelle back in 1965 by modifying a 1965 Chevelle to their liking. Owner Sonny Freeman of Lafayette, Louisiana now has a 1965 Chevelle Custom that anyone would be proud to own. When he gave them the go ahead, they proceeded to “take the ugly out of the original” and give it their custom touch. 

They named their 1965 Chevelle Custom modified hardtop “Reflection.” They basically modernized the car and made it look better by just smoothing the lines, changed the roof with a ’66-67 style roof grafted on, took 3/4 of an inch out of the A pillar, the windshield and the back glass all modified with a lot of work done to the A pillar area and the cowl where the glass meets the molding area. Under the hood sits an LS7 with a Whipple Supercharger, about 940 horsepowr to the rear wheels. 

You can see all of the mods in this video with Talbert Goldman telling us about the many detailed modifications. (Click the video window to listen to the interview.)

The interior was done by Paul Atkins out of Alabama, pretty understated but beautiful and clean looking. The whole rear valance is a redesign making it cleaner looking. The rear bumper is a one-off design skinnied down to match the lines and fit a pattern. Likewise, the trunk line was moved to match the lines of the rear sail panels. All the glass fits nice without ugly stainless trim. 

Here is a slide show of photos capturing some of the detail Talbert talked to us about. 

What if you were a judge here at the 2019 Detroit Autorama? Would you give the 2019 Ridler Award to this 1965 Chevelle Custom. Well here is your chance. Vote with your “Like” below. You vote matters to the owner and the builder. 

Follow this link for more 2019 Detroit Autorama coverage from Cars-On-Line’s car show team. You’ll see our photos and videos from the Cobo Center today. 

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